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In London, the Prime Minister met with relatives

MP in the British Parliament after being elected prime minister for the first time to embrace the younger sister Sheikh Rehana, daughter of the Sea. At the time, the prime minister’s daughter Saima Wajed and Sheikh Rehana were dolls.

Central London Hilton on Park Lane hotel Tulip met with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. At the end of the rest of the eyes to the doctor for a checkup to 8 pm while sitting up in the car came to a tulip. Sheikh Hasina, and embraced his aunt picked up straight.jessoreExpress.

Tiulipake prime minister embraced. After being elected MP for the first time to meet with British Prime Minister Tulip. He left the hotel and went to sit down tiulipake to the doctor. Dr Saima mother was a doll. Family riiuniyane he came to Canada.

Tulip A source close to the family, long talk with the doctor after returning from Tulip.

The Prime Minister said this while smiling tiulipake, you do not now the Tulip, “a responsible politician, MP of the British Parliament. Tulip said in response, “and got the inspiration from you today, I have come to this position.”

Tulip heard different stories from the time it nirbacanakalera. Wait for a victory in his long-awaited tiulipake heard stories.

Earlier on Friday (June 1) afternoon at 3 pm to 48 pm local time (8 pm Bangladesh time 48 minutes), the Biman Bangladesh Airlines Boeing aircraft ‘ranaprabhata’ arrived at Heathrow Airport.

After reaching the reception of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said Awami League leaders and workers and expatriates. Then he went to the rest room hotel is scheduled for

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