It assured to live together with her once relationships

It assured to live together with her once relationships

Chitoge decides to perhaps not return to Bonyari with Raku Ichijo because she rather then her community just like the developer less than guidance regarding Hana Kirisaki’s (Chitoge’s mom) associate, traveling worldwide. Raku and Chitoge want to get married finally and it also is actually showed that they hadn’t kissed also after up to just before their engagement.

As it’s hopeless to possess Raku to maneuver for other nation, let alone take a trip international, on account of their profession while the municipal slave and you will Yakuza chief, it could be assumed one to Chitoge paid during the Bonyari too (conversely along with her mother which primarily real time separated off this lady husband).

The newest omake introduces the person to help you Haku Ichijo (Chitoge’s kid), who doesn’t seem to be an effective with others and has a good comparable problem with the Shuei clan just like the their dad performed. The guy is served by blond hair such as his mom’s. He is viewed gonna Bonyari Senior school and appears to have drawn a taste so you’re able to Sasa Miyanagi (Kosaki Onodera’s girl).

Efficiency [ ]

Swimming: Chitoge seems are an excellent swimmer inside part 10 where she and you will Raku was enjoy to teach Kosaki diving. Chitoge swims the complete pool within 15 mere seconds ultimately causing Raku to say that she actually is also state-of-the-art to educate Kosaki accurately. Ironically, she immediately after block out-of cramp when she went diving as opposed to home heating-up earliest. Raku next stored their.

Top Human Strength: Chitoge was educated notice-coverage due to the fact a kid, honed by the their habit of using the lady mafia members. The lady blows and you will kicks toward Raku is actually unbelievably strong, netting this lady the brand new nickname “Gorilla Woman” of Raku, although they are seen a lot more as a beneficial ‘joke’. That it power, however, try demonstrated genuine within the Kyushu/Marika’s arch, when this woman is seen ready organizing Raku (men regarding bigger present than simply this lady) one to floors up.

Above-Mediocre Energy: Chitoge has never been seen fatigued out-of physical activities, in a position to work at on regular rate beside Raku (who’s powering which have full efforts despite certain burden).

Above-Mediocre Agility: Chitoge was viewed without difficulty climbing structures, coming when you look at the of window on the a couple period. She including leapt more than a wall surface that Raku had said was excessive for everyone to rise to their very first meeting.

Above-Mediocre Intelligence: Chitoge is often said while the talented and prodigious; she will be able to obtain a levels actually without a lot of efforts. Part of this can be attributed to her early in the day degree during the top college or university regarding Us, yet not she was viewed able to perform Hana’s operate in 1 / 2 of day when fellow Americans you prefer 3 days.

Productive Kcalorie burning: Chitoge is also sit slim even with eating so much, whilst the piece she eats are usually exaggerated because the a tale.

Coping with Animals: Even though there several animals who hate Chitoge, age.g: Marika’s parrot, and you can a puppy she after discover (just who disliked the girl only at basic but involved love her), this woman is been shown to be extremely ready that have pet. Particularly, she actually is noted getting already been caring for a capybara in the an animal safety for a while, and you can detailed because the a professional of the Raku Ichijou whenever she stopped an excellent crocodile regarding which have a tantrum.

Fatigue [ ]

Cooking experiences: Regarding the show, Chitoge is shown to create things that will always dreadful inside the looks, however the liking should be also dreadful/inedible otherwise miraculously juicy. The essential stress is within section 116, in which she tries to outclass Marika Tachibana of the conquering the lady preparing but turns out with a lot of problems. It absolutely was revealed that the girl cooking gets delicious when she produces it that have Raku at heart, otherwise whenever she makes it and him.

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